A question to the LAST FRONTIER HEALTHCARE DISTRICT  BOARD/DBA Modoc Medical Center.
Five years are up. When do we get to vote on the extension of the $195.00 property tax?
Answer from the Board and the hospital CEO! You don't!!!!!

Have you ever wondered why nobody did the math on the tax?
2335 people voted even if all of them owned property the tax would only raise $45,533.00
even if you double that would only raise $91,066.00 that is a long way from the 3 million dollars
that was projected the tax would raise.
The absentee property owners ( about 13000 of them) make up the balance.
To help sell the proposed district and special tax a voucher plan was developed that would benefit mostly   the taxpayers who actually live in the district this out your worth $150 a year could be used to pay for the medical expenses at the local hospital leaving those taxpayers out about $45 a year but not much benefit people who live a long ways away.

Coming soon: Questions about what happened to the other promises that were made to get
measure "Q" and "R" passed.
From the yellow booklet put out by the Save Our Hospital  committee:
Tilted " Healthcare District Questions & Answers.
Question : If we vote the Healthcare District into place, will we ever get a vote again on the District

Answer: Per California Healthcare District Law, (based on California Health & Safety Code) the special tax must be voted on at least every 5 years.( a sunset clause ( or provision). The District formation is a one-time vote, but
it can be voted out of existence at a future date.

When the chairman of the save our hospital committee asked their attorney to give them an opinion that would answer to the public the question is there a sunset provision the attorney rather than give an opinion quoted California health and safety codes that pertained to this question.

Later when the question was put to the Last Frontier Healthcare District Board about re voting the special tax the chairman stated they had a letter from their attorney who said there was no sunset provision because it was not part of the ballot language.

Even though the sunset provision was not part of the ballot language it was part of the language in the Modoc County voter information pamphlet.

Of interest is that the law firm who represented save our hospital and the law firm referred to by the board with the same law firm.

When a letter of request was presented to the Last Frontier Healthcare District board (under the freedom of information act) to see the letter it was denied claiming lawyer client privilege.

The next question is will the employees at the hospital be able to keep their jobs and benefits?

Answer: Yes per the Memo of Understanding(MOU) / Transfer of ownership document with Modoc County Board of Supervisors they will.

After the board was appointed and seated where the first things that was done was to outsource the billing department and higher an outside company costing several employees their jobs,benefits and pay cuts for others.  So much for those  promises.

Another  question: How did you come up with the boundaries for the district?
Answer: A public survey helped define the proposed healthcare district boundaries.

This is true but the survey also showed what areas would not support  the district or tax and these areas were excluded from the district. A majority of the people living in these areas did not use the facility's in the proposed district but went elsewhere

A new question raised by a property owner within the district asked why should I have to pay a $195. hospital tax and yet can not get an appointment to see a provider at the clinic, which also makes my $150 voucher worthless.
In a meeting on February 23, 2015 the CEO of the hospital gave the president of the hospital auxiliary (this person is also the gift shop manager ) a letter stating that: It is with much regret that effective immediately, you are directed to not be on hospital property.
Update: In the CEOs ongoing effort to get rid of the hospital auxiliary president we have learned that he had contacted two auxiliary members to explain his letter banding the auxiliary president from the hospital campus. The CEO also contacted the local newspaper to explain what was going on with the auxiliary.

It is no secret that the CEO has stated on numerous occasions he would like to see the auxiliary go away so that he could take over the gift shop operation.
In an effort to get rid of the president of the auxiliary the auxiliary vice president called a special meeting calling for the expulsion or resignation of the auxiliary president.
On the day the meeting was held the past president handed out a list from the CEO detailing the so-called numerous complaints, these complaints showed only the complaints and none of the resolutions to these complaints.
It just so happened that the current auxiliary president had asked to see copies of all correspondence in her personnel file this was granted by the HR manager.
On inspecting the file there was no complaints in her file in fact the only three documents were present and only dealt with hours and compliance.
On the day of the meeting only one board member showed up that was the auxiliary president the past president called for a vote to oust the current president but it was brought up that only the board members could vote out the president so nothing was done at this time.
The Vice President/Treasurer resigns from Auxiliary Board.
Letter from law firm sent to Hospital CEO,LFHD,and Members of Auxiliary.